Saturday, December 2, 2006

Importance of psychotherapy in anorexia treatment

Anorexia treatment is a difficult problem. Its methods should be developed individually for each patient. The primary task of anorexia treatment is to react upon the patient's wrong nutritional behavoiur as soon as possible and make a careful survey of his condition.

Anorexic people experience difficulty while adapting to real life, frequently run into depression and have low self-esteem. They often abuse alcohol or drugs and have sleeping disorders. Therefore it is necessary to focus attention on psychological and situational factors.

That's why doctors use first of all psychotherapy that presupposes patient's psychological training how to cope with the problem. Anorexia treatment includes family, group or individual therapy. Psychodynamic approaches involve psychoanalysis and psychotherapy focused on achieving of criticism to one's own condition. The course of anorexia treatment and results may be various. In case of a positive result there's restoration of weight and elimination of other anorexia-related health problems.

Thus, psychotherapy is the basic method of anorexia treatment. Individual psychotherapy can be the most effective one. Psychiatric treatment should be carried out reasonably. Knowledge of patient's premorbid features of character helps the doctor to chose the right method of treatment. So if you suffer from anorexia you should trust your doctor and rely on him. Still the majority of anorexic patients prefer to keep secret and close and it hinders the doctor from finding out the real cause of the disease. In case of proper anorexia treatment about 80% of patients successfully recover.

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